It’s all about the position, that’s what she said – just kidding. But seriously, your sleep position matters,  especially when picking out a mattress. Let’s take a look at what your sleep position needs.

Side Sleepers
When it’s time to hit the sheets, this is my go-to position. It’s just so damn comfortable. Perhaps that’s why it’s one the of the most common sleep positions amongst adults. If you’re a side sleeper like me, go for a mattress that’s on the softer side that cradles your body – this will help alleviate pressure on your shoulders and hips, It’ll also help to keep your spine aligned.

Back Sleepers
Wrinkle Lesson 101: Sleeping on your back is a great way to prevent wrinkles! It’s also great for the spine, minimizing aches and pains. So, not only will it help keep you looking young – it’ll help you feel young too. However, very few people sleep on their back (Hello Botox! and who’s your chiropractor?). But, for those of you who do, you’d want a mattress that’s on the medium/firm side for the best support.

Stomach Sleepers
Support, Support, Support! It’ll be your best friend when you sleep in this position. When picking a mattress, you’ll want to pick one that’s more on the firm side. However, you don’t want something that’s to firm. If your mattress is too firm, it won’t allow your spine to fall into its natural curve. If your mattress is too soft, it can cause a curve in your spine, leaving you with endless back pain. OUCH ! Like the Goldilocks effect, it has to be just right.

Remember, sleep positions matter – they should play the lead role in deciding what mattress you buy. The right one will cater to your body and give you the support you need. Do your research and don’t be afraid to shop around, finding the right mattress is very important for your sleep health. We spend a third of our lives in bed! Don’t settle for uncomfortable.