What could be more comfortable than sharing your bed? NOT SHARING IT!!! Yeah ok, sometimes there’s nothing like a good cuddle session between the sheets – But can anyone honestly deny how good it feels to have the whole bed to yourself? I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t enjoy it from time to time.

Sleeping alone is a beautiful thing and as a result, you get a great night sleep. You really can’t argue with that. Don’t believe me? Let’s dive into bed and check out the benefits.

Stretch it out
A lady on the street, claustrophobic in the sheets. Ever feel like there’s something getting in the way of your perfect comfort? Well, that’s because there is something and it’s your snuggle buddy. Satisfy your sleepy desires and make room to stretch!! When we can’t find our most comfortable position for sleep, it can take a toll on our muscles and mess up our sleep cycle. There’s nothing worse than waking up barely rested with a busted neck.

Temperature regulation
Oh, that horrible feeling when you wake in the middle of the night to discover your bed has turned into a luxury sauna – All thanks to you know who. Kick them out and sleep sweat-free.

Blanket Wars
It’s never a good time when your snuggle buddy turns into a blanket burrito, leaving you as cold as Jack from the Titanic. You may have lost a few battles, but there’s one sure way to win the blanket war – Sleep alone.

Do you hear that? Ahh, the sound of silence
Let’s be real – Snoring, coughing and heavy breathing is nothing like the sound of music. Sleeping alone can help you to avoid these nightly disturbances, leaving you well rested in the morning.

Anything goes
What’s that smell? Did someone fart, oh wait that’s you! The best part, no one can judge your late night toots, drool and dragon breath when you’re a solitary sleeper. At the end of the day anything goes, that is if you sleep with yourself at night.

Your Own Time
Unfortunately sharing a bed usually means sharing time. By time I mean when your snuggle buddy sets their alarm for ten different times, they don’t hear it, but you do. Whether you’re the offender or the offended, sleeping alone allows you to wake up on your time without disrupting your other half – Because in the morning there is a huge difference between 6:45 and 7:00.

Remember It’s ok to be selfish with your sleep. No, it doesn’t mean you’re not in love if you ditch your cuddle buddy– oddly enough your relationship could end up being better thanks to some quality zzz’s. If you’re single, enjoy the freedom while you have it! Don’t think of sleeping alone as lonely, think of it as well-deserved quality time with your sleep.