Snore me to sleep! Said no one ever. Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. That horrific moment when your partner is snoring something fierce, you’ve just about lost your mind and find yourself plotting increasingly violent ways to make their next breath their last.

Not only is this frustrating – it’s unhealthy. Research shows, people who sleep next to someone that snores suffer from pain complaints, higher levels of fatigue/sleepiness and could be at risk for hearing loss. OH, the joys of second-hand snoring.

While hearing loss may sound like a solution, it’s not. So how does one survive the rumble? Well, the truth is, finding a solution can be quite challenging. However, where there’s will, there’s a way. I speak from experience. From one survivor to the next, I give to the survival guide for second-hand snoring.

Plug your Ears
Don’t be afraid to invest in some quality ear plugs – they can be life-saving. Trust me when I say, there’s nothing like being able to lower the volume of your snore chamber.

Sound it Out
If ear plugs aren’t your thing, try a sound/white noise machine to block out the noise. You could also try listening to music on your headphones.

Change your Tune
Sometimes this is easier said than done. However, you can try to change the way you think about snoring. Instead of thinking of it as an annoyance, try to think of it as a soothing sound. Optimism is always better!

Put them on their side
While sleeping on your back may be good for your spine, it’s not the best for snoring. It can aid in the ‘harmonizing’ sound. So, get your partner on his/her side, and depending on why they snore, it may just do the trick.

Nose strip it
If your partner is snoring due to allergies, a cold, or even a deviated septum, nose strips could be the answer. They open the nasal passages making it easier to breathe, thus less snoring.

Get them to a doctor
Although your partner may not think they have any problems other than snoring – it wouldn’t hurt to have it checked out. Snoring can be a symptom of bigger problems like sleep apnea. If your partner is suffering from sleep apnea and it’s left untreated, regardless of what you try to do to stop their snoring, NOTHING works. What they need is medical treatment.

Sleep in separate rooms
Granted this isn’t ideal for most couples, it can be beneficial for both your sleep needs and your relationship. Snoring has a funny way of coming between couples, especially when one of us is sleep deprived and grouchy. Don’t be afraid to try it. Besides who doesn’t love star-fishing in bed.