The great debate, should you or should you not sleep with your pets? Like everything else in the world, there are both pros and cons to sharing a bed with your furry friends.  I love both my dog and my step-dog (yes, I said step-dog) and I feel very differently about sharing the bed with each of them.

My 8lb Shih Tzu does things I’d never dream of doing. For instance, she chows down on poop, gets nose deep in other dogs butts, walks the dirty streets without shoes, digs through trash, brings home ticks and yet, when she hops into my bed, I usually forget how gross she is. Believe it or not, I get offended when she opts for sleeping elsewhere.

Then there is my step-dog, an over-sized greyhound who looks like skeletor –  He’s super cute and full of love but, I never want him in my bed. He takes over the entire bed – His hair infests the sheets and leaves me miserable and unable to sleep. Meanwhile, he’s as happy as can be.

If you couldn’t tell, there are many emotional and physical trade-offs when deciding to let your pet sleep with you. It’s important to consider all factors when deciding what’s right. Here are the pros and cons of sleeping with your pet.

The Pros

Something about snuggling up with your furry friend just feels so good, perhaps that why most people encourage their pets to sleep with them. In fact, research shows it can improve your mood, feelings of comfort and sense of security. They also make great personal heaters on those chilly nights. All the more reason to give them the invite.

The Cons

Like sleeping with anyone or anything else, co-sleeping with pets can be difficult and lead to poor quality sleep – it can even put a strain on your relationship with your partner. Inviting your furry friend to bed will also open all boundaries within your home – leaving them anxious and confused if you change your mind about where they are allowed to cuddle with you.  Another major downside, allergies. If you suffer from allergies, experts recommend having your pet sleep in a different room, or at least get a dog bed for the other side of the room.  I mean think about all the things they bring into bed (or think about my dirty Shih Tzu). Makes me itch just thinking about it.

In Conclusion

Whether you should or should not let your pet sleep with you, is solely up to you. If it makes you happy and your sleep doesn’t suffer, then go for it! Otherwise, make the necessary changes needed for a great night sleep.