Let’s talk about sex (you totally just sang that didn’t you) and the inevitable end result…No, not the big ‘O’, I mean sleep. Yes, that’s right, sleep. Who would’ve thought on top of all the other perks, (no pun intended) a good session between the sheets can make for a better sleep.

So, how exactly is sex good for sleep? Hormones baby!

During sex, our bodies release quite a few different hormones, and some of them are great for sleep. Oxytocin, also known as the ‘ love’ hormone helps to reduce cortisol (a stress-induced hormone) and helps you to bond with your partner. Who doesn’t love that loving feeling?

With the release of oxytocin comes endorphins, a natural pain reliever, mood booster, and stress reliever. You can literally feel the stress of your day just melt away, hello relaxation!  Another hidden perk, endorphins can help soothe headaches Рso no more excuses people.

Finally, followed by the big O, the release of prolactin. Helping you to feel relaxed and sleepy. Ladies, if your guy happens to fall asleep right after, he’s just not that into you. KIDDING. Men tend to have higher levels of prolactin, so don’t sweat it if they knock out before you.

So, turn down the lights, turn up the heat and enjoy the benefits of great sex and great sleep. I promise you’ll like it.