Like most, sometimes I find myself in a deadline-induced panic thanks to one of my greatest attributes, Procrastination! My go-to solution, cut back on sleep to get things done. While this may seem like a reasonable idea at the time, we all know, it’s not. Losing just a few hours of sleep here and there can have a negative impact on life, affecting your mood, energy, mental sharpness and ability to handle stress. Keep it up, and long-term sleep loss will wreak havoc on your health. In the fine words of YouTube’s Kimberly Wilkins “ain’t nobody got time for that”

How much sleep do we need?

Although it cannot be pinpointed exactly, below is a list of recommended sleep times from the National Sleep Foundation.

  • Newborns(0-3m) 14-17 hours
  • Infants(4-11m) 12-15 hours
  • Toddler(1-2yr) 11-14 hours
  • Preschooler(3-5) 10-13 hours
  • School age (6-13) 9-11 hours
  • Teens(14-17) 8-10 hours
  • Young adult(18-25) 7-9 hours
  • Adult (26-64) 7-9 hours
  • 65+ 7-8 hours

Everyone’s sleep needs are different. To better understand your own, take a look at where you fall on the sleep spectrum. Also, take a look lifestyle factors that affect the quality and quantity of your sleep. Remember, sleep is essential for life, make some changes, play around with time and see what works best for you. You owe it to yourself.