Summer, a time we’ve looked forward to for months. After surviving yet another round of seasons, summer is finally here! With summer comes beach days, road trips, barbecues, frozen lemonade and unfortunately, sweltering sleepless nights.

Nothing is worse than being so hot that your sweat sweats. Especially when you’re trying to sleep. So, how do we beat the heat and sleep cool for the summer? Good old fashion tricks of the trade.

If it’s in your budget, you really can’t go wrong. Just be sure to buy the proper size for the space you’re trying to cool down. Otherwise, you’ll just have an expensive electric bill and a not so cool place.

Keep the blinds closed
About 30% of unwanted heat comes through your windows. Keeping your blinds closed during the day can help reduce indoor temperatures by about 20%. If you’re someone who enjoys natural light, try closing the blinds on windows that only face south and west.

Keep doors inside the house open
Unless you’re looking for a home sauna, it’s recommended to keep all doors inside open. By keeping them open, air can flow freely throughout the house. Thus providing cooler air.

Ceiling fans
If you’ve got them, set them to turn counterclockwise, at a high speed. Doing so will create a wind-chill, helping you to feel cooler.

Swap out winter sheets
When swapping out your sheets, go for breathable fabrics that won’t suffocate you on those hot summer nights. Cotton Percale and linen sheets make a great choice.

Eat light
While it may be tempting to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and steak for dinner try going for lighter foods such as fruits, salads, and veggies. Lighter foods allow your body to metabolize with less effort, producing minimal body heat. Heavier foods require more effort and produce more body heat.

Cool Shower
If you’re feeling hot and sticky, cool off with a shower before bed. Not only can it leave you feeling refreshed; it can help cool your core temperature making it easier to sleep.

Go down
Heat rises, so if cooling off your room isn’t working, go down. By this I mean, if you live in a multi-level house, try sleeping on the 1st floor, or in the basement. If you live in a single-level house, try sleeping as close to, or on the floor. If all else fails, try sleeping outside – just don’t forget your mosquito net.

Open windows at night
On nights when the temperature drops, crack your windows open. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it can cool down a room. You can also set-up a fan in the room to help create a cross breeze, making for a nice sleep environment.

Get creative
Let’s take it back to a time when air-conditioners weren’t a big thing. Make a DIY air-conditioner. You can do this by placing a bowl full of ice (or whatever works for you) in front of a fan. Like magic, the fan will pick up cold water as the ice melts, creating a cool mist. Genius!

Stay Cool.