Quiet, please! If it’s one thing most us can agree on, noise can be the absolute worst when you’re trying to sleep. There was a time I could fall asleep anywhere, regardless of noise. Now, forget it. Thanks to my new noisy environment, sleep has become a real challenge.

In the process of finding a solution to my new-found problem, I decided to experiment with ear plugs. In this review, I’ll share what I learned and my experiences with different plugs.

Picking ear plugs

Most noise-blocking ear plugs come with a Noise reduction rating or NRR, which indicates how much sound is blocked by the plugs. While it would make sense to choose ear plugs with the highest NRR, you’ll want to factor in the fit/feel as well. Ear plugs that don’t fit right or are too uncomfortable to wear won’t be helpful at all.

The results

Hearos/Ultimate Softness/NRR: 32/Material: Foam
These easy to use ear plugs are soft, comfortable and budget friendly. Granted no one ear plug will completely deafen you, these plugs were super helpful in reducing noise. Some noises completely disappeared, while others became tolerable. I also found peace of mind knowing I’d still be able to hear my alarm clock. For the first time in a while, I slept peacefully. If you ask me, Hearos are worth it!

Ohropax Classic/Luxury for your ears/NRR: 23/Material: Wax
In my research, I came across Ohorpax. Based on customer reviews, I decided to try them out. Upon opening the package, I found each plug wrapped in cotton – with instructions to remove cotton before use. However, not all the cotton came off due to the stickiness of the plugs. After putting the plugs in, I found a sticky residue on my fingers, only to find that same stickiness in my ears once I removed them. Not a fan. As far as the noise reduction, I could still hear everything – it was just a slightly lower volume. While they didn’t do much for me, perhaps something like this would be good for someone who’s looking for minimal noise reduction.

Mighty plugs/World’s finest ear plugs/NRR: N/A/Material: Wax
These ear plugs are deemed as the best noise blocking and total sealing moldable ear plugs. Although they’re pricey, each pair can be used up to 30 times, making the price worth it. While these ear plugs didn’t come with a listed NRR; I can attest they do work! oh, and unlike Ohropax, they weren’t that sticky – they had a clay-like consistency. A huge plus!

Tired and overwhelmed from my boyfriends snoring, I popped these bad boys in and like magic, I could barely hear. It was bliss. However, I did find them a little uncomfortable to put in, as they are wax and you must form them to your ear by pushing them around. Also, I didn’t move my hair out of the way and let’s just say, OUCH! (I admit I didn’t read the directions, I was just that desperate for silence). Overall, they work great. And yes, I heard my alarm clock, it just took a few minutes to hear.

 From one person looking for silence to the other, may you find it!