Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night? Chances are, external noise could be the culprit. If you’re anything like me looking to escape the noise of an obnoxious neighbor, snoring spouse or whatever the noise may be, a sound machine can help put those long nights to an end (Nightmare averted).

They work fantastic, and there are so many different options to pick from when buying one. Some play white noise, some play sound, while others play both. In this review, I’ll share my experiences with a few different machines.

Ecotones Sound + Sleep S.E.
World’s best sound machine
Labeled as the world’s best sound machine, and I have to say it’s pretty great. Although this machine is on the more expensive side, it offers a wide variety of  non-repeating sounds, including white noise,pink noise, brown noise and extra features that allow you to combine sounds. It uses adaptive sound technology, which monitors external noises and automatically adjusts the volume to maintain a perfect sleep environment. I found it to be very effective in drowning out the snore-fest to my left (thanks love) and my neighbors above me who sound like they do the Cha Cha Slide every night … ALL NIGHT. So, If you don’t mind spending the money, this sound machine is worth it.

White Noise Machine
Simple but extremely effective in blocking out external noise. This white noise machine may not come with a ton of features, but it offers 20 different high-quality, non-repeating white noise variations. It was effective in blocking out my awful neighbors and snoring boyfriend, with a soothing static sound. It’s great for anyone who loves white noise/fan sounds. It’s small size also makes it a great travel companion. They even have one for babies, it plays nursery rhymes. I love it!

sound therapy
This sound machine is reasonably priced and comes with 10 different sounds to help you fall asleep. The only real downside, the noises are repetitive – which may or may not bother you. For myself, I didn’t find it to be bothersome, and it helped to make the surrounding noises more tolerable. Like the lectrofan, this sound machine is small in size, it also runs on main power and batteries, making it a good travel companion.